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The history of the Preparatory Department (PD) of KhNMU is more than twenty years old.

This is a special educational program, designed for 1 academic year (10 months). The teaching is conducted in accordance with curricula and syllabi, approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

The type of teaching is medical-biological.


During two semesters, PD students study 7 subjects:

Every academic group, as soon as it is formed, gets a specially developed syllabus with terms of taking credits and examinations.

Those students, who have successfully passed final credits and examinations, are awarded certificates of the state standard about their finishing of PD. These certificates give the right to be admitted for the first year of study at KhNMU without any additional entrance examinations or passing of a testing procedure.

On a student’s request, a problem of his/her hostel accommodation is examined.

A high quality of education is ensured by a small number of students in one academic group (not more than 10 people) plus high levels of teaching and educational-methodological provision of the academic process.

The comfortable training at PD is also facilitated by a comfortable place for taking classes (the 1st floor of the Educational-Laboratory Building, next to the Main Building of the University, which is located in the very centre of the city), the presence of a sufficient number of places for having meals and rest, as well as a free access to Internet.

During the period of their training, PD students take an active part in the students’ life of the University, learn its history and traditions, get acquainted with leading Departments, deliver reports at scientific conferences in the city, visit exhibitions, museums and theatres.

The teaching staff of PD is a well-organized collective of teachers, who have large experience in training foreign students:

  • senior lecturers: V.A. Vekshin (chemistry), Ye.S. Grishina (Russian), Ye.V. Ivakhno (Russian), A.S. Ovchinnikova (Russian), T.V. Tishko (physics), O.Ye. Fedorchenko (biology), L.P. Yaroshek (Russian);
  • lecturers: Ye.F. Grevtsova (mathematics), A.L. Demochko (study of the country), D.N. Tishko (physics), A.S. Solodovnikov (fundamentals of informatics and computing engineering).

Three lecturers (V.A. Vekshin, E.S. Grishina and A.L. Demochko) presently work at theses competing for the scientific degree of a Candidate of Science (PhD).

The academic process is coordinated by a methodology specialist V.G. Selegen.

The Preparatory Department is headed by an Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy, PhD in sociology Oleg Anatolyevich MARUSHCHENKO.



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