The VI Faculty for International Students of KhNMU Education and Research Institute for Foreign Nationals Print

Adress: 61022, Kharkiv, 4, Nauky Avenue,

tel. (057)707-72-71, 707-72-28

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Sinaiko Vadym Mykhailovych - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology


Korovina Liliia Dmutrivna - PhD, teaching assistant, department of psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology

Krainenko Olena Volodymyrivna – senior teacher, foreign languages department

Ogneva Olena Valentynivna – PhD, teaching assistant, department of internal medicine #3 and endocrinology

Novikova Katerina Anatoliivna - teaching assistant, department of histology, cytology and embryology

Lishchuk Svitlana Anatoliivna - Lieutenant Colonel of the Medical Service, teacher, Department of Disaster Medicine and Military Medicine

Lead specialists:

Udovichenko Kristina Mychailivna, Peregudova Kseniia Georgiivna, Branko Hanna Leonydivna

Office registrars: Bespalko Irina Mykholaivna, Tyutenko Evgeniya Myhailivna, Prokopovich Olga Anatoliivna

Administrative secretary: Gangur Inna Volodymyrivna

Dean of VI Faculty

for International Students of KhNMU

Education and Research Institute

for Foreign Nationals 

Sinaiko Vadym Mykhailovych

English-medium international students of the 6th faculty are majoring in General Medicine and Dentistry (with the academic level of Specialist); though, since 2016-2017 academic year, the students have been trained to get the diploma in Medicine and Dentistry (with the academic level of Master).

Training of the English-medium international students, majoring in General Medicine was initiated in KhNMU in 1996, in Dentistry – in 2008.

6th faculty for international English-medium students was opened on 1 September 2010. Now the faculty hosts 1648 students from 72 countries, out of which 1209 students are trained in Medicine and 439 – in Dentistry.

The departments of the faculty form an integral part of the potent KhNMU scientific research center, which incorporates the knowledge and experience of professionals in different fields of endeavor to address the cardinal issues that face medical science development.

The academic staff includes 112 faculty members; out of which there are 17 with Higher Doctorate and 69 hold the academic degree of a Candidate of Science (is equivalent to PhD). There are 17 holders of the academic degree of  Professor, and 33 – of Associate Professor.

A board for co-ordination of the scientific research, being a part of the Faculty Academic Council, controls the implementation of the departments’ scientific research plans, level of qualification of the academic personnel and introduction of the results of the scientific research into the healthcare programme.

Annually, the faculty departments issue about 20 training manuals on different disciplines.

The faculty specialists are persistently involved in the work of international and domestic scientific conferences. Over the past year 3 Ukrainian Patents for an Invention and 10 Utility Model Patents were taken out, 2 professional field innovations were made, 248 scientific articles and 549 conference abstracts were published, 117 scientific methodological publications were made, 265 reports at scientific conferences, symposiums, meetings and congresses were presented by the faculty members.

All the faculty departments organize Students' Scientific Workshops (Project teams), the membership of which makes 268 students, who participate in the research work. Over the previous year the students made 339 reports at the scientific conferences, 93 students got prizes; they published 52 scientific articles in cooperation with the faculty members.

During the years of training international students are provided with accommodations in 6 standardized students hostels designed for 2422 people, the hostels’ living conditions being constantly improved. To abide in a hostel a student has to make a relevant contract. The students are entitled the right for hostel accommodations during all the period of studies in the University. Cost for the accommodations is determined by the living space and is to be paid for all the period of training.

Medical care is provided for the students by The Scientific Training Medical Centre – University Clinic of KhNMU – and by the Students Policlinic. Annually, the students undergo medical examination and X-ray check-up. Due to the results of the examination the follow-up monitoring groups are formed.

There are 2 refectories (designed for 160 people) and 6 canteens (designed for 80 people), where the students can have their meals.

The Dean’s office strives to make it convenient and comfortable for the international students to study and recreate. The students take an active part in various festivals, competitions and amateur performances.

The faculty graduates can work in their home countries and in other countries as well. The most gifted and capable students are given an opportunity to proceed with their postgraduate education at KhNMU departments, including clinical residency.

Departments relating to the VI Faculty are:

department of internal medicine № 3

department of foreign languages

department of medical and bioorganic chemistry

department of social sciences

department of pediatrics №2

department of propaedeutics of internal medicine №1, fundamentals of bioethics and biosafety

department of psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology