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ADDRESS: 61011, Kharkiv, Tekstilnaya str., 4, Scientific-Practical medical center of KhNMU.

tel/fax (057) 757-21-07

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Tovazhnyanska Olena Leonidivna— Doctor of Medical Science, Professor.

Academic staff of the Department:

in charge of academic work — Assistant Kauk O.I.; postgraduate medical education — Associate Prof. Nekrasova N.O., research work — Assistant Markovska O.V.; clinical work and attitude development — Assistant Solovyova E.T.

Assist. Samoylova A.P., clinical laboratory – senior laborant Maklakova N.P., laborant Kornienko N.V.

Academic work

The Department provides training for students on the base of neurological department of the Scientific-Practical medical center of KhNMU.

Tovazhnyanska Olena Leonidivna
Academic work of the department consists in training of the 4-year Russian and English–speaking foreign students of all medical faculties in Neurology. For 5-year Russian and English–speaking foreign students the department offers selective course “The basics of reflexotherapy”. The organization of the education process is realized for credit-module system in accordance with requirements of Bolon process and estimation of the knowledge according to ECTS.

According to the system of postgraduate education the preparing of interns-neurologists and postgraduate training of neurologists in the field of "Functional diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system" are performed at the department annually.

In accordance to credit-module system a lot of methodical recommendations for students and interns to the academic work are implemented. Multimedia educational materials are widely used during lectures and practical classes. The students undergo computer training tests in the computer lab for preparation to the module control test and for the licensing examination test "KROK-2", "KROK-3". The elements of the distance learning are also introduced in the educational work.

Research work

The topics of the priority funding are: the study of thepathogenesis of primary and secondary lesion of nervous system, the optimization of diagnostics, prognostic sand treatment of chronic cerebrovascular pathology; multiple sclerosis; affection of nervous system due to harmful endogenous factors.

Developing its scientific traditions, the department focuses on the study of pathogenesis of metabolic and bioenergetic homeostasis in the development of neurological disorders, methodological improvemen to diagnosis and treatment.

The lecturers of the department participate in conferences of different levels (international and regional ones), participate in the international multicentre randomize clinical researchers; publish scientific articles in specialized periodic editions, collections of scientific works and materials for reports. The student’s scientific society of the department gives to the students the option to start their first scientific investigations.

Clinical work

Main base of department — neurological department of the Scientific-practical medical center of KhNMU — has 60 beds.

The department and clinic actively introduce the modern diagnostic techniques such as: computer electroencephalography with mapping and system of evoked potentials of the brain, computer electromyography, sonography of neck and head vessels, transcranial Doppler ultrasound examination of intracranial vessels etc.

The treatment process is conducted on the principals of the evidential medicine, using modern directions according to the international consensuses recommendations. Inpatients and outpatients are taking physio-therapy rehabilitation along the modern pharmacotherapy.

Academic staff of the Department carries out consulting work for children with neurological pathology at the base of «Citypoliclinic for children № 15» and Regional house of child № 3.


The teaching course of nervous and mental diseases on the department of pathology and therapy at medical faculty of Kharkov University in 1805 was started.

Department of nervous and mental diseases was organized in 1884. Professor P.I. Kovalevsky was the first head of the department, under his managing the manual for psycho-neurology was published. From 1944 till 1971 G.D. Leschenko (famous neurologist studied affection of limbic-reticular system and infectious diseases of nervous system) headed the department.

From 1971 till 2002 E.G.Dubenko- honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine, laureate of state prize of Ukraine in the area of science and techniques, member of NAMS of Ukraine, PHD and professor headed the department. During the years of his managing the collective of department studied early stages of the vascular pathology of the brain, Parkinson disease, epilepsy, neuroendocrinology etc.

In 1991 according to the order of Ministry of health care of Ukraine department of nervous diseases of KDMU became the main neurological department among all in Ukraine.

From 2002 I.A.Grygorova –member of the UAS, doctor of medical science, professor headed the department. Under her managing acute vascular pathology, paroxysmal states, nervous system damage due to harmful exogenous (alcohol) factors are studied.

In 2014 due to separation department of neurology№2 was organized. Doctor of medical science, professor O.L. Tovazhnyanska has headed the department.


An important role for education and attitude development is played by methodical recommendations developed at the department according to the future student specialization. The lectures about the AIDS, drugsabuse and alcoholism are also delivered to improve the educational process.