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Address: 61022, Kharkiv, Danilevskogo st., 7

Тел. (057)705-67-42.

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Head of department

Bezditko Pavel Andreevich — doctor of medicine, professor, academician of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine.


In charge of academic work — PhD., as. Zavoloka О.V., in charge of research work — PhD Yavorskiy O.V., on-line moderator, in charge of repository – PhD as. Ilyina Y.N., in charge of research work post-graduate education – PhD, as. Taranukha, in charge of research work treatment work — PhD asist. Pachomova A.V.; in charge of research work teaching work — PhD, asist. Zubkova D.O.; doctor of medicine, prof. Panchenko M.V.; PhD, prof. Zubarev S.F., PhD Savelyeva A.Y, PhD Duras I.G., PhD Muzchichuk O.P., PhD assist. Dobritsa Y.V., PhD asist. Miroshnik D.M., PhD asist. Schadnych M.O. Post-graduate students: Shylkina D.I., Ajaj S.M., Gonchar O.M, Nefa Y.A., Ivgenko L. Laborants: Shevchenko I.V., Krylova A.V.

Bezditko Pavel Andreevich


“Prevention of edema after cataract extraction with intraocular lens implantation by medicamentous correction of vegetative disorders in patients with age-related cataracts”.

“Clinical and pathogenic ways of proliferation in the complex treatment of diabetic retinopathy and their complications.

“Selective direct revascularization in the complex treatment of age-related macula degeneration”.

“Features of changes of the anterior segment of the eye in patients with diabetes mellitus“.

“Optic-physiological characteristics of the different methods of optical and surgical correction of presbyopia”.

“Autologous limbal cells in the treatment of herpetic keratitis”.

12 dissertations are prepared at the department  now.

The masters of medicine, candidates of medicine (philosophy doctors) and doctors of medicine in ophthalmology are constantly prepared.

More than 200 innovations and 500 scientific papers, 53 author’s certificates were published during the recent period as well as 3 doctor’s and 29 master's theses were defended.

Over the past 7 years the department staff has prepared and published 3 books, 34 educational and teaching materials, including 10 selected monothemed lectures, 6 test materials for preparing to "Step-2" and to "Step 3" as well as 16 monothemed textbook to practical classes. For English students there were prepared and published 4 teaching materials in English.

The department staff takes an active part in international and Ukrainian ophthalmologic congresses, symposia, and conferences as well as in Fellowship in foreign clinics obtaining the grants. For the first time 2 scientific conferences: for Young Ophthalmologists of Ukraine and Pharmacotherapy in ophthalmology were established by the Department of Ophthalmology.

Cooperation with other institutions

The department cooperates with the universities in the U.S., Europe, participating in scientific congresses, symposia, multi central trials of the new drugs.

Academic work.

The Department conducts educational and teaching work at two departments of  Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital. The  department teaches the students of the IV year of the faculties of medicine, dentistry.

The quality of the teaching and methodical work is ensured by development of methodical recommendations, which are successfully implemented in the teaching process.

The Department runs post-graduate training in «Ophthalmology», a refreshment course  «Pathogenesis, clinical picture, and treatment of age-related macular degeneration», courses on ophthalmology with the students of the adjacent cycle (pediatricians, therapeutics, General practitioners).


The medical-diagnostic work is carried out in 2 basic departments of the regional hospital: adults and children (every year the staff of the Department exam and treat about 6000 patients with different lesions of the organ of vision).

Centre of eye microsurgery was created. New methods of diagnosis and treatment of eye disease - congenital pathology of the optic nerve, cysts of vitreous body, methods of research of functions of the organ of sight, method of localization of Shlem channel, identification of central scotomas, pre-surgery method of diagnostics of the destruction of muscles at strabismus; treatment of diabetic retinopathy, intermedium uveitis, keratomycosis, amblyopia, keratopathy, macular degeneration, optic neuropathy, revascularization in complicated uveitis, the treatment of neovascular glaucoma, narrow angle glaucoma, congenital strabismus, ptosis, phlebodestructions, viscocanalostomiya, phlebodecompression. Facoemulsification of cataract with IOL implantation and using different types of IOLs have been developed.