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Viktor Ognev — MD, Professor of


In charge of academic work: Candidate of Medicine, associate professor S.G. Usenko

In charge of research work - N.O. Galicheva, MD, professor; L.I. Chumak, Candidate of Medicine, associate professor

Teaching staff: A.S. Galicheva, Candidate of Medicine, assistant;

K.M. Sokol, Candidate of Medicine, Professor; N.M. Fedak, Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor; O.V. Myakina , Candidate of Medicine, Senior Lecturer; O. Mishchenko, Candidate of Medicine, assistant; D.I. Donchak, Candidate of Medicine, assistant; N.O. Tkachenko, Candidate of Medicine, assistant; I.V. Kovalenko, assistant; K.G.Pomohaybo, assistant; Tregub P.O., assistant.

Viktor Ognev


• Our department provides academic activities in 12 different educational disciplines in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna system using modern technical equipment, including interactive equipment.

Specialist degree (5 disciplines):

- "History of Medicine"

- "Biostatistics"

- "Social Medicine and Health Organization"

- "Health Economics"

- "Health Economics, Marketing and Management in dentistry."

Bachelor degree (8 disciplines):

- "History of Nursing and Medicine"

- "Research Methodology"

- "Public Health and Nursing"

- "Social Medicine and Fundamentals of Medical Statistics"

- "Health Economics, Marketing of Health Services"

- "Management in Nursing"

- "Management in Laboratory Work"

- "Social Medicine and Public Health."

Master degree (4 courses):

- "Management in Nursing"

- "Health Economics and Marketing of Health Services"

- "Social medicine and the Basics of Medical Statistics"

- "Methodology of Scientific Research."

The department provides education in 3 languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

All classrooms for practical works are provided with interactive equipment. In addition, our department has a modern conference room to arrange and conduct conferences, student competitions and other events.

Practical work is provided with guidelines, materials for individual extracurricular work, and tests in printed and electronic form. To optimize learning process the department has a library that allows to deepen knowledge of students and teachers.

To prepare students for independent work our department prepared a manual approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "Tests in Social Medicine, Health Organization and Biostatistics."

For students and teachers there is a class for programmable learning and knowledge control with appropriate training and controlling software. Department test bank contains 4287 tasks; annual renewal of test bank is not less than 10%. Over 200 tests are developed for second-year Bachelor studies (specialization - "Nursing").

• "History of Medicine" discipline is offered in the Faculty of Medicine (specialties: "General Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Medical and Preventive Care") and Dentistry. 1st year students study the development of medicine in historical perspective, the interpretation of main historical and medical events etc.

• "Biostatistics" discipline is offered to 4th year students of the Faculty of Medicine (specialty: "General Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Medical and Preventive Care") to acquire theoretical basics of biostatistics, modern principles of evidence-based medicine, to evaluate analysis results by individual criteria and in relationship with the factors that affect them etc.

• "Social Medicine and Health Organization" discipline for 4th- and 5th-year students (basic training) and 6th-year students (special training) of the Faculty of Medicine (specialty: "General Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Medical and Preventive care") study and analyze key indicators of public health in relation to the factors affecting it; develop measures to improve health of population and certain social layers; organize and evaluate the quality of various types of therapeutic and preventive care and sanitary-epidemiological welfare of the population in reforming health care; interpret the concept of disability and working capacity examination and identify practical actions of healthcare professionals on specific situations; develop management solutions aimed to improvement of basic health care facilities etc.

• "Social Medicine and Health Organization" discipline for 3th- year students of the Faculty of Dentistry provides theoretical foundations of modern principles and legal foundations of healthcare, methods of statistical analysis of biomedical data; evaluation of arrangement and quality of different types of medical and preventive care, including dental care, rendered to the population; definition of performance analysis for dentists and dental offices, departments or clinics; development of programs to prevent dental diseases, evaluation of their effectiveness, etc.

• "Health Economics" discipline 6-year students of the Faculty of Medicine offers the possibility of obtaining skills to make strategic and tactical plans for economic development of a medical facility; to calculate wages for medical staff and to determine premium for compulsory and voluntary health insurance; to analyze medical, social and economic efficiency of healthcare facilities, to develop a business plan for healthcare activity etc.

• "Health Economics, Marketing and Management in Dentistry" discipline for 5th-year students of the Faculty of Dentistry includes marketing strategy that ensures maximum satisfaction of needs of the population in dental healthcare; definition of pricing policies for the implementation of strategic and operational objectives of medical facilities; analysis of medical, social and economic performance of healthcare facilities; assessment of key indicators of economic activities of healthcare facilities, including dental centers, etc.

• Bachelor’s training in "Nursing" specialty involves the following subjects: "History of Medicine and Nursing", "Research Methodology," "Public Health and Nursing", "Social Medicine and Fundamentals of Medical Statistics", "Economics of Health and Marketing of Health Services", and "Management in Nursing" providing methods of nursing activity as required in each discipline etc.

• Bachelor’s training in "Laboratory Diagnosis" specialty provides the following courses: "History of Medicine", "Management of Laboratory Work", " Social Medicine and Fundamentals of Medical Statistics ", where students study the work of bachelors-laboratory assistants in medical institutions of different profiles; informational and anatomical laboratory support; technology and standards for arrangement and execution of laboratory works, laboratory structure and conditions, organization of marketing activities in health care facilities.

• Master’s training in "Nursing" specialty involves the following disciplines: "Social Medicine and Fundamentals of Medical Statistics", "Research Methodology", " Health Economics and Marketing of Health Services "," Management in Nursing " to study basic economic laws; evaluation of healthcare facility performance, main sources of financing health care facilities and calculation of estimates; remuneration of health professionals; the effectiveness of facility resources; methods of planning and conducting marketing research in healthcare facilities and management of innovation processes; organization of basic and special types of medical care at its current level; management functions etc.


• The research activities of our department are aimed at studying medical and social aspects of healthcare and health facilities. Science-based epidemiological methods for studying morbidity by anamnestic technologies (3 declarative patent), predicted emergence of pathology in the population (3 information sheets), life quality assessment (2 declarative patents and 3 information sheets), rehearsed mechanism for monitoring and management of diseases.

• Since 1997 our department has been a national coordinating center for ISAAC international medical program (The International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood) for the study of asthma and allergies among children in Ukraine headed by prof. V.A.Ognev. The data of our research center have entered into WHO registry for international use.

• Our department works in international grant "Climate Change, Environmental Contaminants and Reproductive Health" (2009-2013).

• Our department performs an initiative research work "Medical and Social Aspects of Life Quality for Medical Students" (deadline for completion - 2012-2014).

• Our university has a specialized academic council D 64.600.06 with the right to consider and to pass dissertations for the degree of Doctor (Candidate) of Medicine, specialties 14.02.03 - Social Medicine and 14.02.01 - Hygiene and Occupational Pathology.


• As a result of planned research work in 2004-2012 one doctoral dissertation was defended by V.A.Ognev - "Medical and Social Problems of Allergic Diseases in Children" and 3 candidate dissertations were defended: by O.M.Mischenko "Background and Development of a Conceptual System of Medical and Social Assistance to Disabled Children ", N.O.Tkachenko "Background and Development of Social Monitoring of Digestive Diseases in Children" and L.I.Chumak "Medico-social Background for Optimization of Quality Control System in Medical Care Provided for Children with Diabetes".

• Research experience is presented in 103 research papers, including six books (co-authored), 8 patents, 3 information sheets, 3 guidelines approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 9 innovations in the industry, as well as numerous presentations at scientific forums of various levels.

• Our department has its own Student’s Scientific Circle. Every year up to 10 students from different faculties (including foreign students) take part in it. Circle members work with scientific literature, analyze archival materials, and learn to conduct surveys. Each year they are involved in student research forums in Ukraine and CIS countries and gain prizes for their reports. N.B.Guzhva, M.I. Rudenko and A.I.Ivashchenko are the most active students of Scientific Circle. 15 students were recommended for research work.


is provided in the following areas:

•-Teacher training.

•-Advanced training for teaching staff.

•-Provision of methodological materials for teachers and students.

•-Control over academic affairs.

•-Appropriate conditions for learning process.

•-Organization and conduct of educational work.