Department of Therapeutic Dentistry Print

Address: Kharkiv National Medical University

61022, Nauky Avenue,4, Kharkov,

phone.: +38 (057) 707-73-80, fax: (057) 700-41-32

Head of the Department - Riabokon E.N. - MD, Professor.

Academic Activity

Courses taught by the department: "Propaedeutics dentistry", "Preventive Dentistry" and "Fundamentals of Dentistry". (in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages).

Research areas

Improvement and development of  new methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorders of hard tooth tissues, periodontal and oral mucosa: prevention, treatment and genetic aspects of dental caries and its complications, non-carious lesions, periodontal tissue diseases and oral mucosa, the use of macro- and trace elements in the overall prevention of dental caries, treatment and prevention of periodontal disease in patients with gastroduodenal pathology and cardiology, development, laboratory and clinical testing of new domestic filling materials, oral hygiene, medical forms and medications, surgical treatments in clinical dentistry , construction, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the temporomandibular joint

Riabokon E.N.

Main results

3 doctoral dissertations, 10 master's theses. During the recent 5 years 12 patents, were received, 4 books, 110 articles, 183 abstracts were published, 152 reports were made at regional, national and international conferences and congresses.

Clinical work

Therapeutic, diagnostic and advisory work is done in UDS KhNMU, SPMC KhNMU and 2 hospitals - dental hospital №2 and №5 in Kharkiv. The employees of department are in charge of  8 districts of Kharkiv region. The lecturers treat patients in basic hospitals, consult, reviewed case histories, conduct peer review of dental services districts of Kharkiv region. Seminars on key issues of dentistry, AIDS and especially dangerous infections, cancer incidence are held. The members of the department review reports of dentists who are certified for the category.