Department of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine with a course of physical education and health Print

Address: Kharkiv National Medical University, Nauky Avenue 4, Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine

tel. 707-73-64

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Head of department

Istomin Andrey G. – MD, Professor

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Academic work

Classes in Physical Education are intended for the 1st and 2nd year students of the faculties of medicine and dentistry, Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine for the 3rd and 4th year students.

Istomin Andrey G.

Rersearch work

Research work of the department includes development, testing and implementation of criteria for assessment of adaptive capacity and correction according to physical loads, evaluation of physical working capacity. The staff of department are working on topic “Research and testing of different methods for definition of working capacity”

Clinic al work

Main base of department – theoretical and practical medical center “Specialized medical section”. Since 02.02.2009 the department has been located in affiliate of rehabilitation, where inpatients and outpatients are taking physical rehabilitation and section of restorative treatment for orthopedic and traumatological patients.

The clinic of sport medicine department is the Municipal institution of health care “Kharkiv state medical and physical culture dispensary”, especially   section of physical culture and rehabilitation of sportsmen,  as well as section of sport medicine, medicobiological support of sport teams, regional reserve and section of sport medicine, medical support of those, who doing sports and physical culture activities.

Since March 2018, Director of the Pain Institute (Munich, Germany), an Honorary Professor of Kharkiv National Medical University, Dr. Wolfgang Baumermeister has been working at the Department.

Dr. Wolfgang Baumermeister