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ADDRESS: 61174, 51 Peremogy avenue, The Stomatological Centre of KhNMU

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Irina Ivanovna Sokolova - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.


In charge of the studies: Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor T.V. Tomilina, in charge of Pediatric dentistry Section: Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor E.G. Denуsova, in charge of the clinical work: Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor E.G. Yaroshenko, in charge of the studies, section of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor E.Yu. Stoyan, in charge of Restorative Dentistry Section: Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor S.I. German, Candidate of Medical Science, in charge of  Orthodontics Sector: associate professor O.O. Cheliapina (section on Orthodontics), in charge of publishing activities  Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor K.V. Skidan, in charge of occupational safety: Candidate of Medical Science, assistant V.V. Oleinichuk, in charge of research work: Doctor of Medical Science, professor N.N. Savelyeva, on-line moderator:  Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor M.B. Khudiakova, Candidate of Medical Science, assistant O.V. Yeliseyeva, Candidate of Medical Science, assistant M.I. Skidan, Candidate of Medical Science, assistant I.V. Markovskaya. I.I. Sokolova, O.V. Yeliseyeva, E.G. Denуsova, E.Yu. Stoyan, N.N. Savelyeva, K.V. Skidan, T.V. Tomilina, S.I. German have a Master’s degree in high school pedagogy.

Irina Ivanovna Sokolova

Among the staff of the department are: Candidate of Medical Science, assistant V.V. Liubyi (Chief physician of Kharkiv Dental Hospital No. 4, Candidate of Public Administration  N.N. Udovichenko (Chief of Society "Planet of dentistry"), Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor M.M. Biriukova (director of Dental Centre of KhNMU), L.Ya. Kurchenko (Chief physician of Kharkiv Children Dental Hospital No. 1), Candidate of Medical Science, assistant N.L.Hlistun and a PhD student E.V. Kluchka.


The department teaches Restorative dentistry, Pedodontics, Orthodontics, Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontics.

The department is located at dentistry center of KhNMU, it is responsible for 2-year training of interns in dentistry.

In 2011 the department started refreshment courses for dentists of different specialties devoted to the urgent problems of modern dentistry, and in 2013 – pre-attestation courses and specialization in "Dentistry" and "Restorative Dentistry’.

An important educational focus of the department is  training of internship doctors for  "KROK-3. Dentistry" (integrated licensing examination). The  department has created an original computer program and guidelines for self-study. In addition, the members of the department have co-authored test tasks  for  "KROK 3. Dentistry" at  Test Centre of Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


At present, research is conducted within the research initiative "Formation and implementation of modern scientific approaches to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental pathology in children and adults," registered under number 0118 U000939.

The areas of the research:

1. Improvement of existing and development of new individualized methods of diagnosis, prevention and increase of effectiveness of treatment of dental patients of different ages, with different functional/anatomical dental status and general condition.

2. Investigation dental diseases incidence and prevalence at different age periods at congenital and purchased pathology.

3. Detection and investigation of causative factors of dental diseases.

4. Comparison of the existing and innovative methods of treatment based on preparations of corregulating action (Quercetin, Hyaluronic Acid, Adaptogens).

5. Implementation of new mini-invasive methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention in the healthcare practice.



Since 2006 2 doctoral dissertation, 8 candidate dissertations, and 31 master's dissertations have been  defended. 15 utility model patents and 3 certificates of copyright have been received, more than 150 presentations at conferences and seminars have been  prepared, and more than 300 research works have been published.


Employees of the Department have published a monograph and several study guides.



The Department participates in congresses and conferences of scientists in Ukraine and Russia, collaborates with Institute of Dentistry of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,  V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Institute of Microbiology and Immunology named after I. I. Mechnikov of NAMS of Ukraine as well as  with following department in KhNMU:

-          Department of Medical and Biological Physics and Medical Information Science;

-          Clinical laboratory diagnosis;

-          Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology named by D.P. Grynyov;

-          Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatric Gynecology;

-          Department of Internal Medicine No. 2, Clinical Immunology and Allergology.





Diagnostic and treatment work is carried out at the university dental center (director - Candidate of Medical Science, associate professor M.M. Biriukova). Annually the staff of the Department advises and treats more than 2000 patients (adults and children) with a variety of oral diseases. Daily consultations according to a set schedule and clinical conferences are held. Together with "Kharkiv Children Dental Hospital No. 1, Kharkiv Dental Hospital No.  4, Kharkiv Dental Hospital No.  2 and Society "Planet of dentistry" the problems of improving the effectiveness of primary and secondary prevention of oral diseases in children and adolescents are solved. Associate professors and assistants work on the issue of using modern methods of prevention and treatment of teeth disorders in children and adults, as well as on the issue of improvement of the effectiveness of treatment and prognosis of periodontal diseases.


The employees of the Department carry out advisory work with patients in Kharkov  and Kharkiv region.


After the creation of the l Faculty of Dentistry at Kharkov Medical Institute, since 1983 the training of internship doctors has been conducted by a specialized department of the  faculty. Thus, since 1983 the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry has conducted  training of internship doctors in Kharkiv and Sumy regions by distance learning, and since 1993 only interns of Kharkiv region have studied at the mentioned department at the full-time two-month cycles in the form of part-time study. In  the academic year 2005-2006,  training of interns majoring in dentistry also started at the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry. In August 2006, the Department of Dentistry was founded, which continued  training of general practice dentists.